Preteen Models: New Opportunities

Preteen Models: New Opportunities

As preteen products are launched by corporate brands in more number and greater frequency now, young boys and girls find growing scope in the field.

Preteen models have new opportunities in the changing economic scenario.  As preteen products are launched by corporate brands in more number and greater frequency now, young boys and girls find growing scope in the field.  Most of the products and services are advertised in the context of a theme involving domestic scenes.  A young couple and their teen children are often presented for a variety of products.  Also, children-specific products, services and concepts are becoming more a recurring and regular feature than ever before.


Growing Presence of Preteen Models


Now there is growing presence of preteen models in TV commercials, newspaper advertisements and other electronic and print media sales promotion campaigns, email marketing, billboards, brochures, pamphlets and all the myriad of publicity blitzkrieg that the corporate brands promote.  Preteens appear endorsing the wide spectrum of products including cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, mouthwashes, toothpastes, tooth brushes, hair oils, shoes and accessories, apparels, designer clothes, body lotions, homecare products, healthcare products, soaps and detergents, air travel, cars and mopeds, ornaments and precious stones, real estate, home décor, furnishings, etcetera.  


Preteen models belonging to the diversity of nationalities and regional varieties have growing opportunities in the industry now.   Cutting across the national and continental barriers, preteen boys and girls, talented kids and cute babes are more in demand in the modeling world now than ever before. 


Preteens of Diverse Regions


Preteen models of today belong to the diversity of regions and nationalities.  In the past, in the modeling industry the models appearing in international brand promotions belonged mainly to the developed regions of the world.  Now in the emerging trend there is equal scope for all the regions.  Thus we can find in the commercials preteen models belonging to the diversity of nationalities and regions such as Latin American, Chinese, West Asian, Indian, English, American, French, German, Canadian, South African, Koreans, Finish, Norwegian, Portuguese and the like. 


Grooming under Guardianship


Preteen models are to be groomed under the special care of the parent of guardian.  This is all the more significant since the preteen would be a school student unlike a young model.  Hence it will be a demanding task to get along with the studies and modeling.  Also, as the field is highly competitive and as more and more preteens are attracted to this field it becomes all the more important that only proper grooming can bring in any success.   The modeling field is becoming more and more professional and hence both the preteen and the parent or guardian should gather sufficient information about the field.  They should keep themselves updated in the latest developments in the industry across the world.  


A Prelude to Fashion Modeling


Preteen modeling could be a prelude to fashion modeling in the later stage and from there to the filmdom.  Many celebrity models and film stars started their career as preteen models.  Celebrity models like Katherine Heigl and Lindsay Hogan started their career as preteen models.  Also, it is easier to groom young children than grownups.  Many celebrity models across the world endorse the view that preteen modeling is an essential prelude to the modeling career.


Grooming as preteen models is helpful in maintaining a sustained and balanced growth.  The balanced diet and systematic workouts will ensure a super figure.  Alongside, the work assignments and training sessions at the agencies will be useful for better grooming.  Celebrity models like Brooke Shields say that their success is very much owing to the grooming through preteen modeling and a sustained pursuit of systematic schedules.  Lissane Falk could grow in to a celebrity model and actress since she started her career as a preteen model. 

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